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From 1 January 2015, Tabor can be prevented from issuing you with a nationally recognised VET qualification or statement of attainment when you complete your course if you do not have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). If you have not yet obtained a USI you can apply for it directly at on computer or mobile device.

Once you have your USI, please return to this form and type it into the field below
Please use the name that you used when you applied for your Unique Student Identifier (USI), including any middle names.
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WorkReady funding is available for this qualification. Check your eligibility here: Please note all WorkReady applicants are required to sit an external assessment at Tabor prior to being accepted by WorkReady.
Fee payment: *
WorkReady funding is only available for the following courses;
Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways
Certificate IV in Youth Work
Certificate III in Community Services
Certificate IV in Mental Health
 If you are not applying for one of these courses please select a different payment option 

Where a student’s employer, or sponsor organisation, is paying the tuition for a student, the following payment options are available:

  • The student may pay these fees directly to the College, and then claim reimbursement from their employer or sponsor organisation.  In this instance the contract for tuition and subsequent liability for payment of the invoice is with the student.


  • The employer or sponsor organisation may contract directly with Tabor for the provision of tuition for the student. In this instance the contract for tuition and subsequent liability for payment of the invoice is with the employer or sponsor organisation.
VET recognises previous experience and training. If you think you have relevant experience, knowledge and training in the qualification/unit you are applying for, please upload relevant transcript(s) and/or a written statement (250 words) outlining your background and related experiences. 
This link will open in a new window which may be blocked by certain browser settings. If you have any difficulties please contact Reception on (08) 8373 8777 for assistance. Do not forget to return to your original window in order to complete your application form.

Contact Information

What is the address of your usual residence?

Please provide the physical address (street number and name not post office box) where you usually reside rather than any temporary address at which you reside for training, work or other purposes before returning to your home.

If you are from a rural area use the address from your state or territory’s ‘rural property addressing’ or ‘numbering’ system as your residential street address.

Demographic Information
Tabor VET values supporting all students on an individual basis. The following questions about disability are collected for statistical purposes at the request of the Commonwealth Government and will not affect your eligibility to study at Tabor. If you declare a disability, Tabor will discuss with you what support is available.
Additional Contact
Person we contact in case of emergency or if you are unavailable

The VET student handbook is available here. Please download and read it as it contains important information for your studies.



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· School - if I am a secondary student undertaking VET, including a school based apprenticeship or traineeship.

· Employer - if I am enrolled in training paid by my employer.

· Government departments and authorised agencies including ASQA

· Researchers. *
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