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Benerd College has a vision to be the most trusted and agile partner for meeting diverse educational needs. This is accomplished by embodying our mission to develop human potential by providing transformative learning experiences. Part of this work is listening to our community to identify needs and collaborate to meet those needs. This call for proposals of new programs and/or courses is meant to contribute to that vision and mission.

Please submit the following information as complete as possible to propose a new course or program for Benerd College Professional and Continuing Education. Should you have any questions or comments, please contact us right away at 
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The information below is needed before we can approve and launch a new course/proposal. If you have this information ready, please feel free to add and submit. However, if you are not quite there yet, we encourage you to schedule a development consultation here or by emailing
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CPCE will make every attempt to schedule your class on your 1st choice; however, please make sure that you are available for ALLdates/times for BOTH choices until we have finalized your schedule.
Type and quantity of units applicable to this course 🛈
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Extension/Academic units
Continuing Education units
Certificate Courses
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Degree Completion
Units Explanations
      •  Extension Academic Units: One extension unit: 15 contract hours, excluding breaks and meal hour. Extension courses are Academic units graded on a Pass/No Pass basis unless other arrangements are made. Upon approval by an academic advisor, these units may be applicable towards a degree.

      •  Continuing Education Units: One continuing education unit = 10 contact hours, excluding breaks and meal hour. CEUs are considered undergraduate level units, they are not academic units and are not applicable to a degree at Pacific, but may be used to satisfy requirements of a certification or license held in a field of profession.

      •  Professional Development Units: One unit of professional development credit = 15 hours of study. Professional development units are graduate-level units designed to meet the needs of educators and professionals for advancement. Units are transcripted, but not applicable to a degree at Pacific.
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In order to streamline processing you proposal, you will need to attach the following items:
      1.Course syllabus or outline (formal syllabus required before class begins)
      2.Behavioral objectives/learning outcomes of the course
      3.Course description (90 words or less)
      4.Marketing information (who is the target market for your course?)
      5.Course materials you plan on giving to the class (pre-approval required)
      6.Classroom needs/ preferences (including audio-visual equipment)
      7.Textbook information 

Classroom Needs/Preferences (if applicable)
Audio/Visual Equipment needed. (If yes, type what below)
Duplicating/Printing Required for course? (if yes, please indicate how many pages)
Textbook Needed for the Course? (if yes, please indicate if it is required or recommended)
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