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After completing payment you will receive an email on how to book your sessions. *
Please Read & Check the box below to rent space at OBS. By completing this form you agree to the following terms & conditions.
**You will receive an email with instructions on how to open the studio & other FAQ's. If you do not get it please let us know.
1) Be aware of your time. PLEASE be wrapped up by the end of your allotted session time.
2) Starting 11/01/22 If you go over your rental time you will charged a $60 fee.
3) Fees paid for rental time is non refundable but can be transferable to other sessions or rental times.
4) Use of our studio and our equipment is AT RENTER’S OWN RISK. Studio owner not liable for personal accident or injury
5) Renter is financially responsible for damage done to studio, backdrops, props, furniture or any property inside the studio during your rental.
6) If not cleaned properly after use you will be charge an additional $50 cleaning fee.
(Sweep, Mop, Wipe down props used & put things back where you found them))
7) The studio rules & policies are posted around each studio & on the website. Please abide by them when renting.
8) I acknowledge that there are cameras throughout both studios & the parking lot for everyone's safety.
9) PLEASE check your belongings to confirm none of our props have mistakenly been taken as your own.
I have read & understand all of the above rules *
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