Dear CMC family and friends,

Welcome to the continued adventure of discipleship and mission! Each year our youth calendar is split between two-thirds of “on-campus” ministries and one-third of “out and about” trips, camps, retreats and other mission opportunities. It is a great balance for us, holding together our own version of being Christ’s witnesses in “Jerusalem…Judea and Samaria…and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8).

For the summer of 2019, we hope to learn to ABIDE in Jesus Christ as described in John 8:31-32, which is our summer theme. In this booklet, you’ll find information about several experiences designed to be 1) age-appropriate and 2) integrated into the vision of thinking, loving, serving, and living like Jesus.

Why do a summer like this? Perhaps you’re wondering why we need to spend so much money on offering different trips and experiences that involve both travelling near and far.

Some History: Over the years, we have found that God uses these trips to do good to us, in us and through us. We are so grateful to see the evidence of God’s continued faithfulness in the lives of our students and leaders year after year.

A Secret: Our summer camps and trips are discipleship experiences in disguise. It’s not only about the roof we build or the quiet time overlooking a waterfall or playing soccer with kids, but it’s also about our long-term goal to develop Christians who become the back-bone of the body of Christ – people who are committed to being disciples that make disciples and following hard after Jesus Christ, wherever He leads. In a sense, we are simultaneously missionaries and the mission field.

Some Strategy: Multiple studies have revealed that once a week, hour-long programs do little to change people. It’s just too easy to return to old habits if you haven’t formed new ones. Therefore, we seek transformative experiences that change life patterns and allow us to break free from consuming technology, toxic relationships, and the overall stress of everyday life.  We hope you will experience authentic Christian community, develop spiritual disciplines, learn to study Scripture together, and participate in acts of service. Year after year we’ve found that if we bring the fuel, God brings the fire!

With that in mind, let’s ABIDE in God’s Word, know the truth that will set us free, and continue on this journey of becoming more like Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. It takes a village, so let’s do this together!

CMC Youth Team

Caleb, Doris, Lauren and Jose

Pine Trail Camp

Saugatuck, MI

June 27-28 (for current 5th-6th graders)

The beautiful Pine Trail Camp, located on the banks of the Kalamazoo River, is the perfect setting for our well-loved introductory experience to youth ministry at CMC. Come for a night and two days filled with exciting field games, sports activities, swimming, and more! We will also spend time singing songs and having meaningful conversations around the campfire with our awesome leaders.

Registration Deadline:  Monday, May 6

Capacity:  40 students, 10 adults

Cost:  $60

June 28-30 (for families)

If you love nature and being in the company of others, this is a perfect opportunity for your family.  It will be a great time

to grow deeper together in Jesus!

Registration Deadline:  Monday, June 3

More details will be posted in the spring.


Camp Geneva

Holland, MI

July 1-4
(for current 6th-8th graders)

This experience at beautiful CAMP GENEVA (on the “pines” side)  is designed to engage students in a way no other context can.  The GENEVA staff serve as role models and work to help each camper to establish their identity in Christ.  Worship and Bible study provide the foundation for the week while play offers the arena for students to see themselves and others as part of God’s story.  Some favorite activities will include campfires, the talent show, flying down the zip line, blobbing, and more! 

Registration Deadline:  Monday, April 8

Capacity:  25 students

Cost:  $180 or $90 with student serving at banquet

Deposit:  $50

1st Payment: $65 or $20 by 3/25

Final Payment:  $65 or $20 by 6/3



July 22-25
(for current 6th-12th graders)
VBS is coming back to CMC and will be held in the evening. 
The theme is based on Super Heroes.  Students will be needed in
the areas of arts and crafts, outdoor games, skits, snacks, security, etc. 
More details will come in the spring.


Camp Lake Louise

Boyne Falls, MI

July 7-13
(for current 7th graders)

Are you ready to dive into community, faith, and life?  Do you have a hankering not only for adventure and the great outdoors but also for deeper friendship with Jesus, your leaders, and your peers?  With great cabin leaders at the forefront of this week on beautiful Thumb Lake, your time will be full of non-stop energy and excitement.  The camp offers a variety of activities including water sports, archery, hiking, sports games, and team-building exercises.  You will have the opportunity to experience Biblically-based teachings and discussions that are relevant to your life and that will leave a lasting impact when you go home at the end of this awesome week. 
Registration Deadline:  Monday, March 4

Capacity:  30 students, 10 adults

Cost:  $500 or $250 w/banquet participation

Deposit: $50

1st Payment: $225 or $100 by 3/25

Final Payment: $225 or $100 by 6/3


Camp Penuel

Ironton, MO

July 14-19
(for current 8th-12th graders)

Camp Penuel is a Christian camp in Ironton, Missouri, that hosts campers from all over the U.S. that cannot afford to go to camp. CMC has gone to Penuel in 2013 and 2015 to help with the kids camp (like a VBS) and build a couple of cabins and a dormitory so the camp could house more students throughout the summer. We are looking forward to returning to Camp Penuel to see the fruits of our labor and continue to help them by doing more work projects on the cabins, cleaning up the camp, painting, putting new siding on the dormitory, and helping with the kids camp.  Our week the kids we’ll minister to will be from the impoverished areas in Kansas City. This trip combines both manual labor (working on the camp construction projects) and investing relationally with the kids attending the camp. 
Registration Deadline:  Monday, March 4

Capacity:  45 students, 15 adults

Cost: $500 or $250 w/banquet participation

Deposit: $50

1st Payment: $225 or $100 by 3/25

Final Payment: $225 or $100 by 6/3


Oregon Pilgrimage

Pacific Northwest

June 7-16
(for current 11th-12th graders)

“Boot camp for the soul”—that’s what some have called it.  If you have ever really hoped to connect with God but struggled because of all of the "stuff" of normal life, then this trip is for you.  Does the thought of climbing a volcanic mountain, hiking back into a lava cave, or standing on the edge of a cliff looking down on the blue Pacific Ocean get your blood pumping?  Tent camping in rugged outdoor locations, group activities, quiet times, meaningful conversations, and campfire talks are all things that we hope will be transformational as God speaks into your hearts and minds.  This trip is a long-term investment in life!  Registration Deadline:  Sunday, January 13
*Applications for this trip are due by Sunday, January 13.  Priority will be given to students actively engaged in CMC ministry.

Capacity:  12 students, 5 adults

Cost: $1,100 or $550 w/banquet participation + $ for food

Deposit: $50

1st Payment: $525 or $250 by 3/25

Final Payment: $525 or $250 by 5/21


Camp Sunshine

Camp Blodgett, West Olive
July 29-August 1 or August 2-5

Camp Henry, Newaygo
June 30-July 3 or July 4-7
(for 16-year-old males & 17-year-old females & older)

How about serving as a counselor at Camp Sunshine for an awesome opportunity to impact a camper’s life? You will be paired up with one camper for the entire three-night, four-day session.

Camp Sunshine offers people ages 12 – 50 with mild to moderate cognitive impairments the opportunity to attend summer camp in a safe, caring, and inclusive environment. Through positive words and actions, the camp provides an atmosphere that honors all people with total acceptance and unconditional love.

It is an amazing, transformational experience and one that has changed the lives of many CMC members and students! Talk to Caleb Nykamp for more information and/or for a reference on the counselor application form. 

No Cost              Apply online at: http://campsunshine.info/counselors/



As a participant in CMC’s summer youth opportunities, you as parent and student(s) are expected to fulfill the following requirements:


  • registration form online (www.cmcholland.org/youth) or hard copy
  • deposit + payments
  • health/liability forms as required by CMC and/or location

Banquet Participation
For all experiences except Pine Trail, you and your family are expected to participate in the banquet on Monday, April 29, 6:30 PM, at Christ Memorial Church.  This allows you to pay half the cost of the camp or trip.  Details are:

  • For Camp Lake Louise, Camp Penuel, & Oregon Parent(s): You are asked to host a table for eight adults—number includes host parent(s); no children, please.
  • All Students: set-up, serving, clean-up.  They will receive serving instructions on Sunday, April 28, 10:00-10:30 AM, in the youth center, and are expected to serve at the banquet on Monday from 5-9 PM.

*Please note that if you choose not to participate in the banquet, you will then be responsible for the higher cost for the trip.



The $50 deposit and/or trip payments may be made electronically at www.cmcholland.org.  Click on the “Give” tab; then “Give Now;” then “Quick Give.”  No spot will be held without the deposit.

Once a trip is at “full” capacity, a waiting list will be created.  Priority will be given to older students or those actively engaged in the ministries of CMC. 


Limited scholarship money is available for students with financial needs.  
E-mail dorisvk@christmemorial.org for the detailed application.


Contact Doris Van Kooten,
Administrative Assistant, Christ Memorial Church Youth Dept.

PH:  616.796.3342          E-mail:  dorisvk@christmemorial.org



Christ Memorial Church (CMC) Mission:
to intentionally lead people to increasingly full life in Jesus

Our mission is to lead ALL youth to be passionate disciples of Jesus Christ, serve God’s family and community, and reach God’s world.

Our vision is to be a loving Christian community that invites and welcomes everyone where they are in life and disciples them to live a life of faithfulness and participation in making God’s Kingdom visible.

Our values are:


  • Authentic community being life wide open and life shared together
  • A place to belong and be accepted, to learn and care, to challenge and support, to forgive and be forgiven
  • A place where disciples are making disciples
  • Real relationships throughout the week
  • Space to study God’s Word, do SOAP together, and talk about it


  • Faith that is rooted and growing in God’s love through His grace with His people
  • SOAP-ing, studying Scripture, and praying together
  • Practicing spiritual disciplines and seeking God together
  • Deepening head knowledge, inspiring heart conviction, finding soul assurance, and encouraging life action based on Scripture, with the assistance of creeds and Christian books and resources


  • Constant turning away from life apart from God and turning towards life with Christ in the community of believers
  • Leading a life that is transformed by the power of Christ and helping transform the lives of others through the guidance of the Holy Spirit
  • Spirit-led transformation that motivates us towards a life of purpose, calling, and mission
  • A “dying of self” and a call to put others first
  • Serving others on mission trips globally and locally

In checking YES, I AGREE on this document, I hereby certify that the ALL of the enclosed information is correct. In the event that I cannot be reached, I hereby give permission to the physician selected by the CMC staff to obtain proper medical diagnosis, hospitalize, secure proper treatment for and to order injection, anesthesia or surgery for my child as named above.

I also acknowledge I have read, understand and accept the terms listed below:


The PARTICIPANT, their PARENTS, GUARDIANS, HEIRS, ASSIGNS and REPRESENTATIVES hereby release Christ Memorial Reformed Church, its staff members, volunteers, agents and representatives of any and all liability for any loss, injury, or property damage which may be the result of any aspect of any mission trip, retreat, event, excursion or regular programming/classes including transportation to/from these activities. The Participant may participate in activities as mentioned above located both on and off CMC property for the duration of this release. The Participant and the Participant's Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s) understand, acknowledge and accept that there are inherent risks, both known and unknown, in travel and in the activities in which the participant will engage in during mission trip, retreat, event, excursion or regular programming/classes.

The Participant and the Participant's Parent(s) and/or Guardians also understand and acknowledge that individual Participants are not covered under any policy of insurance held by Christ Memorial Reformed Church and that Participants must provide any and all insurance coverage for themselves, including, but not limited to health, life and liability insurance.

Photographs or videos may be taken during the experience of the mission trip, retreat, event, excursion, or regular programming/classes you or your child will be participating in. By signing this form, you are authorizing Christ Memorial Church to use those videos and/or photographs in any manner deemed appropriate by Christ Memorial Church, including, but not limited to use in promotional materials or church services.

This release is valid from December 1, 2018 to December 31, 2020.


Household / Adult Primary Contact

Relationship to Participants: *
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