Customer Repair Form

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Before continuing, please be sure to call and check availability. Do not fill out the repair form until you have called and talked to someone about scheduling a repair. If you have already spoken to someone and checked availability, fill out this form to confirm so you can be scheduled.
Please note: the inflatable(s) you bring for repair need(s) to be completely clean and dry. If Repair My Moonwalk receives dirty and/or wet inflatables, we have the right to refuse to work on them. If the weather is questionable the day you are dropping off your inflatables, you are responsible for making sure they do not get rained on. You may be required to use a closed in trailer or adequately cover the inflatables with a tarp so they do not get wet.
                  **WE DO NOT REPAIR UNITS WITH MOLD**           
Any unit that has been stored for more than 2 weeks, even in an air conditioned space, has a very high chance of aquiring mold. Please, do not bring us a unit that has been in storage for more than 2 weeks. If you have not seen the condition of the unit for more than 2 weeks, it probably will be refused when we inspect it.
We also do not repair sealed inflatables (any inflatables that are heat sealed and don't require a blower to stay inflated) with large tears in them. We can however patch small holes.