Authorized Service Center APPLICATION
ASC Requirements
  1. Must fill out and turn in the ASC Application
  2. Must purchase 1 unit and have sufficient experience in its operation
  3. Complete installation, operation, and troubleshooting training for ASC certification at LEI Products
  4. Receive site approval (on-site evaluation at discretion of LEI Products)
  5. Must provide exceptional service for all products sold
  6. Must have an approved fuel source nearby or provide one for customers
  7. Must stock printed marketing materials*
  8. Marketing approach must agree with that of LEI Products
  9. Web presence encouraged.
  10. Recieve official ASC certification from LEI Products
*Note: ASC’s recieve a marketing material allowance.  Additional material is available for purchase from LEI
Contact Information
Additional Information
Provide 4 References - 2 Business & 2 Personal
Please Include Name, Company, Phone, Email & Address
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