Pearl/Brandon Campus
2024-25 After School Registration Form
Brandon Elementary and Pearl Upper Elementary now have a waitlist. (ALL 4th and 5th grade.)  Please click here to complete the waitlist form, and we will contact you if a spot opens up!
All children must be enrolled in 5 year Kindergarten - 5th grade.  We cannot accept children enrolled in 4k programs (including ECEC) or alternative schools/learning centers.
If your child is currently enrolled at the Reservoir site, select "Transfer from Rez".
Please read the following carefully:
Financial Agreement:

After school tuition is $80/week/child (3rd child-$70/week). ACH bank draft is required. Tuition is due/drafted every Friday for the upcoming week.  Accounts may not have an outstanding balance. Childcare will be suspended if payment in full is not made within 24 hours of email notification.  Extenuating circumstances should be discussed with a director before a payment returns.  Balances that age over 30 days will be charged an additional $75 late fee and turned over to a collection agency.


Registration: $75/child (up to $150/family)  currently enrolled-$30/child

Late/returned payment: $15

“In-person” payment: A $10 fee applies to all cash, check, and money order payments.  (Payment must be made by Wednesday to cancel a Friday draft)

Credit Cards may only be used in person, and will be charged a 3% fee (charged by the CC processor) in addition to the $10 in-person fee. We do not have the ability to set up drafts from a card.

Late Pickup fee: A flat $5 fee applies 6:01-6:05. An additional $2/min fee applies after 6:05.  -Must be paid at pick-up by cash or credit/debit card. ($10 in-person fee waived when paying late pickup fee.)


Behavioral Expectations:

   At Son Seekers, we place a strong emphasis on promoting acceptable behavior and attitudes among both peers and staff. To attend Son Seekers, it is crucial for parents to be in alignment with the staff and directors on ensuring that children demonstrate respect towards the staff and interact positively with other children. This collaboration helps maintain an enjoyable environment for everyone.

   To uphold the integrity of our program, and to ensure that every child has their moment to shine (their fair share of positive attention!) we take a proactive approach in addressing disciplinary issues as they arise. If it is determined that a child may not thrive at Son Seekers, or that a child is impeding other children's abilities to have a positive experience, services may be ended with or without advance notice or documentation.

I have read and agree with the financial agreement and behavioral expectations. *
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