Son Seekers Florence Summer Camp 2022 Registration!
Please note all children must be at least 5 years old as of May 30th in order to register!  Children who have already entered the 6th grade, or who will be 12 prior to May 30th are not eligible to enroll.
Transfer: Current after school child, or previously enrolled at a different site? *

Only families with at least one child CURRENTLY ENROLLED in after school may register this week! 

Registration for returning families begins Monday, Feb. 13th at 9am. New Family registration begins Monday, Feb. 20th at 9am.

New families: We need to make sure you already completed STEP ONE of registration!  Please enter the passcode given to you on the success page of your Sandbox enrollment form. 
Haven't completed a Sandbox enrollment form? Go to and follow the simple (but important!) steps to get your spot locked in!
You have entered an incorrect passcode, please try again. *
Tuition: $125/week/child. (3rd child is $100/week)
Registration/Activity fee: $160/child 
Summer Camp registration is a contract. You are agreeing to pay to hold your child's spot, regardless of attendance, from May 29th until the last day of summer break (tbd based on the 23-24 RCSD school calendar).
Withdraw notices are not accepted during Summer Camp.*
Your balance is drafted every Monday.  Our system drafts your CURRENT BALANCE. (including tuition, previous returned payments, NSF fees, etc. )
A $10 fee applies to stop a draft payment. An additional $5 fee applies if balance is not paid by Monday at 6pm. Notice must be given by the Friday before.  We cannot stop a draft the day of processing. (We reserve the right to refuse a stop draft request, or to run the draft on a future date if payment is not made.)    
A $15 fee applies to returned/NSF drafts.
Late Pick-up:  Flat $5 fee applies 6:01-6:05pm.  Additional $2/min applies after 6:05.
Send a lunch every day!
    - No peanuts/peanut butter due to allergies.
     -We CANNOT heat or refrigerate food!
No outside belongings/toys/phones/electronics/blankets/pillows, etc. are allowed.  We will not be responsible for lost or broken belongings. 
• Be on time!
• Wear the field trip t-shirt and tennis shoes!
• Do NOT send money!
The most polite phone call, rudest argument, threat of legal action, or threat of withdrawing your child does not change this! (So that we can focus on your child's experience here, and support our group leaders as they get everyone ready to go, we DO NOT "discuss" this policy during our prep time!)  
To keep your child safe and prepared, and to make the day an enjoyable experience for everyone, YOUR CHILD MUST BE CHECKED IN BY THE CUT-OFF TIME ON THE CALENDAR!  We have a field trip prep procedure that begins AT the cut-off time that STARTS with headcounts, finalizing group lists, and going over rules. (If your child arrives late, they will still have a blast with another group on-site!)
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