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Recipient Application

Please complete the following application to the best of your ability. The personal and identifying information collected in this application will be held in strict confidence and shared only with the Board members of Get PUMPed, Inc. Generalized data about your child may be shared with donors, grantors and other interested parties.
We find that donors and grantors are often more willing to provide assistance when they feel more connected with those receiving breastmilk. We would be most appreciative if you are willing to allow us to share additional information about the circumstances behind your need and/or your child's picture with those stakeholders. This, however, is not a requirement for receiving milk.

Please provide as much information as you can when completing the application. We are only able to take a limited number of families at this time and are unable to guarantee that everyone who applies will receive milk. The board of directors will be reviewing each case thoroughly.
How did you hear about? *

Caregiver Information

Is the biological mother deceased? *

Child's Information


Additional Information

Does the child currently have medical insurance (medicaid included)? *
Our milk master is located in Sanford, FL. If approved, would you be able to make accommodations to travel and pick up your milk? *
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