46th Annual World Open
9 Round Swiss Chess Tournament

Fri 7/5/19, Sat. 7/6/19. Sun. 7/7/19

Philadelphia Marriott Downtown
1201 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA

Coaching by Wood Chess Services
Central Pennsylvania's largest chess organization.

Family Information

Tournament Registration

Section (All section fees include coaching.)
USCF Membership (Required for rated tournaments) *
Tournament Sections (All section fees include coaching. )
USCF Membership (Required for rated tournaments)
Tournament Section (All section fees include coaching. )
USCF Membership (Required for rated tournaments)


Under 900 -    1st Place $600----2nd: $400----3rd:$300----4th:$200th:-----5th $100-----Top 10 plaques.
Under 1200 -  1st Place $4000-----2nd: $2000-----3rd:$1000-----4th:$800-----5th $600
                       6th Place $500-----7th: $400-----8th:$400-----9th:$300-----10th $300
                       1000 Class----1st: $1000-----2nd: $500
Under 1400 -  1st $8000-----2nd: $4000-----3rd:$2000----4th:$1300----5th $900: 
                        6th: $700-----7th:$600----8th:$500------9th:$400-----10th: $400 
                       1300 Class-----1st: $1600-----2nd: $800


Please consider donating to our club.  We help all families with chess tournament expenses.  These discounts can only occur though generous donations of our parents.  Last year $780 in donations helped six students.


Payment:  We accept personal checks or credit cards for online advanced payment.  Our credit cards are processed by PayPal. Once your form has been submitted you will be forwarded to PayPal where you will then enter in your payment information.  Pressing the link below will enroll you in the tournament.  If you have any problems with Paypal, contact Wood Enrichment Services. 

Food: Feel free to bring food or purchase it at the hotel.  Avoid taking food into the playing area.
Please clean up before you leave.
Releases:  By registering on this site, parents give permission for Wood Enrichment Services to take photos of their child and publish them in any chess material.
Equipment:  Regulation clocks, boards, & pieces are NOT provided.    You can borrow equipment from Wood Chess if needed.  Players will be responsible for all clocks or boards lost during the tournament and will be required to pay for them if not returned.  Please set clocks ahead of time.  Some time controls are tricky for beginners.  Cell phones must be turned off during the tournament.
Rules:    General rules are based on USCF rulebook.   Touch/take rules are in effect and players are responsible for challenging illegal moves or errors.    Illegal moves will add two minutes on the opponent's clock.    Major rule infractions such as cheating may cause an automatic disqualifation for the entire event at the discretion of the tournament directors. 
Cancellations: For these tournaments, players that cancel will not be given a refund.  No shows will not receive credit.  Cash refunds will not be given.