2018 National K-12 Championships

Rosen Shingle Creek
9939 Universal Blvd,
Orlando, FL 32819 (866) 996-9939
Thursday 12/13/2018 - Sunday 12/16/2018
Thursday - Bughouse & Blitz Side Events (Optional)
Fri., Sat. & Sun. - 7 Round Grade Level Swiss Event  

Chess Family Information

Sign up here for tournament registation fees and related expenses.  Travel and lodging must be ordered and paid by individual families.  All players must have a parent or designated guardian responsible for them at all times during the trip.  When using tournament facilities, no alcohol or smoking is allowed.


The payment below includes the registration fee for the National K-12 Championship on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The tournament starts at noon on Friday and is finished by 4 PM on Sunday. Registration for the Blitz tournament and the Bughouse tournament will need to be purchased separately.  The fee also includes coaching for the duration of the tournament and a reserved club room if we have a lot of entrees.  All families need to purchase their transportation and hotel room on their own. A discount hotel rate of $129 per night is available for early registrations. Please call the hotel at  (866) 996-9939 and make reservations as soon as possible.  Request the chess rate.   

Please note that all registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
Complete the Demographic Information for each player. The grade should reflect the age listed on the chart. Homeschoolers are especially cautioned to make sure the grade reflects the age
 NameGrade (K-12)SchoolBirthdate
Player 1
Player 2
Player 3
Player 4


Team state shirts are required. They cost $15.00. Parents might want to order one also. Last year's blue state shirt can be used if you have one. Otherwise, go to the shirt website and order the shirt. Shirts will be ordered in bulk so make sure you order early. *

Payment Information

A check is a preferred method of payment in order to cut down on 3% bank fees.  Credit Cards are accepted but are discouraged.  Just register and choose to pay by check.  Pay by 7/15/2018.
By registering on this site, parents give permission for Wood Enrichment Services to take photos of their child and publish them in any chess material.  Any money received is non-refundable and non-transferable.