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For a group, in the comment area, indicate whether student is enrolling separately on another form. Otherwise, just put all the names of family members you are registering below. 
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Individual Lesson Packages

Our individual chess rates are $20, $30, or $40 per session and can be paid at the time of the lesson.  However, by choosing a package, students get one session free which amounts to significant savings.  Students can also save $60 by being tutored in our Wood Services facility. 
6 lessons at Wood Services
6 lessons at Your Home
**  Primary Lessons at your home are only available if combined with another sibling.
Our individual instruction rates range are either $30 or $40 per hour and can be paid at the time of the lesson.  However, by choosing a plan, students receive six hours of instruction for the cost of five.  The one free hour amounts to significant savings.
6 lessons for one hour at Wood Services
6 lessons for one hour at your home.

Customized Courses

We develop customized courses to meet your needs.  You supply the students of similiar abilities and we will develop the course.  Most courses can be held at one location.  If you come to our facility in Lancaster, you will receive a $5 discount for the course.

Select a course by putting the number of students you are paying for in the box.
Travel Course - 6 one hour classes
Building Structures - 6 one hour classes
Emergency - Four 90 minute classes
Chess Course - 6 one hour classes
Web Design - Four 90 minute classes
Hands-on Geometry - 6 one hour classes.
Prices are subject to change without notice. 

Payment Information

Our orders are processed by PayPal. Once your form has been submitted you will be forwarded to PayPal where you will then enter in your payment information.  Do not press return until you are ready to order or your purchase will be duplicated at a later time.