Wood Chess Summer Camps 2024
9:00 AM to Noon Weekdays

Sponsored by Wood Chess Services
A Division of Wood Enrichment Services, LLC,
a Volusia County youth organization

Please enroll only one player per form.  Payment by credit card is required before the camp begins.  

Summer Camp Sessions

Each session includes a certified USCF tournament with trophies for awards.  The cost of the annual USCF membership and the tournament fee are included in the camp price.
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Tournaments - Only for those not attending the camp.
Discounts for Multiple Sessions
For those students who enroll in more than one session, the cost will be $30 cheaper for each section.
Click the total number of sessions below to receive the proper credit.
Fee Adjustments


The Wood chess organization has high expectations for its students.  By registering, your child has agreed to our Code of Conduct.   Click on the link to view the Code.  Students violating the code may be dismissed from the camp without refund.


Each session is open to any Florida resident age 9 through age 15  A student outside this age range may attend with special permission.  Students are expected to have some chess ability before they attend camp.  Students can attend multiple sessions for a reduced price if enrollment is not full.
A rated tournament is held during the last day of all sessions.  The tournament fee and the USCF registration fee is included in the price of the camp.  Students will be assigned sections according to their USCF rating if available.  The approximate ending time is flexible. No activities should be planned immediately after the tournament. Trophies will be given to the top players.   It is expected that all camp members play in the tournament.