Tournament Registration

Central PA Scholastic Championship
Sunday. March 1, 2020   10 AM - 4 PM
Yoders Restaurant and Buffet
10 Tower Road, New Holland, PA

Buffet from 10 to 2 pm

10:00 am - Six Round Bughouse Event
11:30 am - Lunch and Raffle
Noon - 4 pm - 4 Round Main Event
Awards immediately follow event.

Sponsored by Wood Services Chess Affiliate.

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Order of Events

BUGHOUSE:   Bughouse Blitz is an unrated game played with partners.  Each player must have a partner to play.   It is a popular game and is played in states and naionals. It is recommended for experienced players. Trophies will be given to the best team.   For odd number teams, a full point bye will be given for the odd team out.  The game will be swiss style and teams will be ranked by the average regular ratings of both players.
Bughouse is from 10 am to 11 am.  It is 6 Rounds  G/5;d0.   PLAYERS MUST BE HERE BY 9:50 AM, NO EXCEPTIONS.  The cost is $10 per person, select option below.    All players playing bughouse need to play in the regular Swiss tournament.  Trophies will be provided to each player of the winning team.  In case of a tie, the teams will play in a tiebreaker bughouse game to decide the winner.  Parents and friends are invited to watch this event.
AWARDS:  We will be presenting two major awards at this tournament between the Bughouse and the Swiss Events at 11 am.  Each year the most improved player and the most dedicated player are awarded a plaque and have there name submitted on the Annual Awards Plaque  for all to see.  
MAIN EVENT:  Our main Swiss event starts around 11:30 and consists of four rated games with a G/25; d5 time control.  Trophies will be given to the top three players in each division.  We have three divisions based on rating.  The actual rating cutoffs for each division will be determinated by the number of players that enter the tournament.  No parents or coaches are allowed in the playing area after games begin.
RAFFLE:  A chess raffle will be held between rounds of the Swiss Tournament.  Every player will receive a free raffle ticket when entering the tournament.  Tournament equipment and gift certificates will be awarded.

Tournament Registration

USCF Membership (Required for all USCF events) *
USCF Membership (Required for all USCF events)
USCF Membership (Required for all USCF events)


Scholarships are given out on an individual basis. Put any scholarship arrangements here.


We accept personal checks or credit cards for online advanced payment.  Onsite, please give us an clearly marked envelope with either check or cash.  Our credit cards are processed by PayPal. Once your form has been submitted you will be forwarded to PayPal where you will then enter in your payment information.  Pressing the link below will enroll you in the tournament.  If you have any problems with Paypal, contact Wood Enrichment Services directly and we will fix the situation.  Do not contact paypal. 
We have purchased two large banquet rooms for this event.  The big room is for all the presentations, parent seating, and restaurant seating.  Drinks will be provided in this room.   The second room, is a large windowless tournament room capable of holding 50 players.  No food should be taken in this room by players.

The full Sunday brunch buffet will be available at the restaurant from 10-2 at an extra cost but the food is unlimited.  As you come in, the restaurant will collect buffet fees.  A customary gratuity will be added for the wait staff.  Beverages will be available in the skittles room throughout the tournament. 

Equipment will be provided but bring your own clocks for bughouse if you can.  
The tournament is run by two certified USCF tournament directors.  The Chief TD, Mark M. Wood is a local director and certified national coach with experience directing scholastic tournaments throughout the United States.  Assistant Joseph S. Weber is a local tournament director with advanced playing skills.  He is a lifetime USCF member who has played in over 100 tournaments with a rating over 1600.