PAWS TN Adoption Application

Before you fill out this application -
1 - When we say we are looking for lifetime homes for our pups, we mean it.  Do not fill out this application if you have not thoroughly thought of every possibility. 
Because we are a foster based organization, when someone does have to return a pet, a place is not always available.  Because of this -
We require that if you do have to return a pet for any reason, at any time in the future, that you will either – 
a) keep the dog until a new home is found or
b) pay for the dog to be boarded until a new home is found.  It can take upwards of several months for a new, suitable home or foster to be found.  A $500 deposit is required for dogs that need immediate return that go into boarding to cover their care. If you are not prepared to keep this pet forever or pay $500 to return him/her– DO NOT fill out this application.
2 - We are volunteers who work endlessly to save pets in danger in Middle Tennessee.  We also have jobs and families and many other things in our lives that require our attention.  We process applications as quickly as possible, but please be aware it can take up to a week to process your application. Also – if we take the time to process your application, we expect that you will take the time to wait for our response.  For that reason –
a) We require a $20 processing fee – this will purchase a bag of puppy food for our rescue pups and assures us that you are serious about this process.  If we deny your application, we will return your fee.
b) if you do not get a response in a week – please email us at to check on the status of your application.
If you are serious about adoopting a new, forever family member, please click next to be taken to our application.