PAWS TN Adoption Application


The average cost of vaccinations, deworming, micro chipping, spay/neuter, heartworm testing and a month’s care is $200. If your dog’s expenses are covered by your adoption fee, the remainder of the fee goes straight to the dogs to pay for food, medical care and the dogs’ daily needs. Your fee helps us rehabilitate a dog with long term needs or save a weak puppy. You might be buying time and life for a large dog, a black dog, or a shy dog, a dog whose life is not a financial practicality. When you adopt one of our dogs, you aren’t buying a pet; you are supporting our life saving rescue work.

Please understand that we are a volunteer based organization and will get back to you as soon as we can - the average adoption takes about a week, sometimes sooner, sometimes longer.

Applicant’s information:

Vet Reference:

If you use more than one vet, please list all.

Please contact your vet clinic and let them know to expect a call from us and authorize them to release information.

Please call your vet and give them permission to release your pet's records to PAWS TN
Personal references: (please list two)
Household information:
 01234 or more
Under 20 years old
20 - 30 years old
30 and up
 01234 or more
Under 5 years old
5 - 10 years old
11 and up
 NameDog or CatSpayed or Neutered?BreedSexAgeLives Indoors or out?Do you still own?
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Pet 2
Pet 3
Pet 4
Pet 5
Please be aware that we will do a google search on your property.
Finding the right dog for you:
EVERY dog needs time to adjust to a new home, family and routine.

Filing this application in no way guarantees your adoption of a dog from PAWS TN.

Your signature on this application attests that the info you have given is accurate and true.

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