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Thank you in advance for inquiring  about fostering a rescue dog from PAWS TN!

If you’ll complete the brief foster application below, we’ll be happy to be in touch with you very soon! We’re very grateful for your offer of help!

Our Do’s and Don’ts

PAWS TN dogs need to be kept inside and treated as a member of the family. Please be patient with our dogs. Most of them have come from situations where they haven’t been able to depend on humans for love and comfort. They’ve now have been given a second chance at life, and they deserve to have a secure life filled with love and happiness. You will be helping us to assure this happens!

 PAWS TN is solely responsible for finding a home for the dog, and the foster family must not place him/her in a home that has not been through our own adoption process! We do, however, appreciate all help you can give us to find an appropriate home. If you find a potential home, please have them contact us directly. If you find you might be interested in adopting your foster, you will then need to complete our normal adoption application as well.

Responsibilities of the Foster Parent:

  1. Provide a safe, loving environment for the dog. If no secure fencing is provided, there must be a total commitment to leash walking!
  2. Socialize the dog properly.
  3. Observe how the dog acts in different situations, and with different people and animals.
  4. Notify PAWS TN  of any concerns about health or behavior immediately. Dogs will be totally vetted before arrival. If a situation arises requiring additional vet visits while in your care, PAWS TN  will assume all financial responsibility.
  5. Although we realize that people work, the foster dog must be walked and have some attention at least once during the work day (we require this for our adopting homes as well). Our puppies cannot be left alone for a full day, nor can they be crated for periods longer than four hours. 

Our Fostering Options -

Because we transport our rescues to pre-approved homes you can choose how long you are available to foster.  We have 3 options -

1 - One week -
Your pup will be heading to their new home in one week.  This is a guaranteed very short term commitment.  You could save 52 pets or 2, either way, the dog you save will be safe and happy!

2 - Two weeks
- These pups are also heading to pre-aproved homes but need a slightly longer stay.  It is still only a two week commitment.  Even doing this a couple of times a year saves lives!!

3 - Open ended - Understand that we cannot predict how long or short this foster period might be. We’ve adopted out dogs in under a week….but we’ve also had dogs in foster for as long as three months (rarely longer, but occasionally). Once a dog is in your foster care, we need to be able to rely on you to commit to the dog. For instance, if you are going on vacation, once approved by PAWS TN, you should make arrangements for the foster as you would for a dog of your own….i. e. kenneling, or taking him/her with you. We have limited facilities locally in which to kennel/hold the dog and this can only be done in emergencies.

Applicant information -
Please provide the names, phone numbers, and email addresses (if applicable) of two personal references (not relatives):
First Reference -
Second Reference -
More Applicant info -
Although we realize that people work, the foster dog must be walked and have some attention at least once during the work day (we require this for our adopting homes as well). Our puppies cannot be left alone for a full day, nor can they be crated for periods longer than four hours.
I understand, if approved to foster for PAWS TN, that -
1. PAWSTN delivers to Foster Caregiver and Foster Caregiver hereby accepts from PAWSTN a a to be determined dog or puppy and Foster Caregiver agrees to humanely take care of said animal. Foster Caregiver will immediately, peaceably, and voluntarily deliver said animal to the Shelter upon request, and will make no claim of ownership, title, right, or interest in and to said animal

2. Foster Caregiver agrees not to alter in any way the appearance of the animal being fostered without written permission of PAWSTN. This includes declawing and cropping of ears or tails.

3. Foster Caregiver agrees to provide adequate food, water, shelter, and kind treatment for said animal at all times. In addition, Foster Caregiver must adhere to all state and local animal laws. Foster Caregiver agrees to follow all additional written instructions from the owner and/or pawstn.  I agree that if  I've I asked for an open ended adoption, that I will give pawstn 2 weeks notice before returning the pet or agree to pay boarding costs for those two weeks. .

4. Foster Caregiver agrees to notify PAWSTN as to any behavioral or health problems of the animal. PAWSTN reserves the exclusive right to determine the proper course of action to take upon such notification.

5. Foster Caregiver will notify PAWSTN in the event any change occurs in the address or telephone number listed below. Foster Caregiver understands and acknowledges that he/she does not have any right or authority to keep the foster animal or place foster animal in other homes or place with other individuals unless permission is given in writing by PAWSTN.

6. Foster Caregiver is undertaking these obligations with no claim, now or in the future, to any type of compensation or reimbursement for caring for said animal, and the further consideration for undertaking this obligation and caring for said animal is that Foster Caregiver is receiving satisfaction and enjoyment from undertaking this obligation of his or her own free will and because he or she wants to do so and derives satisfaction from doing so.

7. Foster Caregiver agrees that accidental animal bites or other injuries to humans and other animals do occur, and agrees to hold harmless and indemnify, and protect PAWSTN, from any claim or suit filed by anyone as a result of such an incident. In addition, PAWSTN will not be responsible if animal should damage or destroy property belonging to Foster Caregiver, or shall transfer any disease or internal or external parasites to other animals belonging to Foster Caregiver.

8. If the Foster Caregiver wishes to adopt said animal, Foster Caregiver must go through PAWSTN adoption program screening process. PAWSTN reserves the right to determine final disposition of the animal.

9. This Agreement is the entire agreement of the parties, and there are no oral promises or representations made in addition to this contract and it may only be changed in a writing signed by both PAWSTN and Foster Caregiver.

I agree to, and certify that I am 18 or older, by typing my electronic signature below -

* Indicates Response Required