Confirmation Candidate Registration 2021

Please complete this form accurately.
If you mispell any info, we will continue to spell it the way you submit it to us. 

Candidate Information for Sacramental Registry

Parents' info must be that of the birth parents (full, legal, formal names) unless a legal adoption has occurred. If a Candidate has been legally adopted, please list the legal parents.

Sacramental Verification

If the Candidate was NOT baptized at Good Samaritan, Our Lady of Peace, St. John the Baptist, or Saints John & Paul Parish, we will need a recently dated copy of the Baptismal Certificate (within the past 6 months, complete with all notations for prior sacraments). All Candidates must have received Baptism and First Communion prior to Confirmation. To obtain this, simply call the church of Baptism and request an updated Baptismal Certificate with notations. You can have them mail it directly to:
Saints John & Paul Parish
Attn: Clare Giuffre
2586 Wexford Bayne Road
Sewickley, PA 15143 
If your candidate was baptized in a Catholic parish that has been closed or has been combined during the On Mission process (i.e. St. Alexis is now St. Aidan), you will need to contact Dennis Wodzinski ( at the Diocesan Archives Office to obtain your records. This may take several weeks, so please begin this process ASAP.
If your candidate was baptized in another Christian Denomination and converted to Catholicism, you will need to contact the parish where your candidate made a Profession of Faith to obtain a verification form from them, not from the church of Baptism. 

Additional Candidate Info

All communications about Confirmation Prep will be sent via flocknote email.  Communications include formation material, deadline reminders, the announcement of the date of Confirmation, etc. Please give us the best email to send these to. 

StrengthsExplorer Assessment

Each Candidate is a unique creation of God, built for a specific purpose. The StrengthsExplorer assessment was designed by Gallup for students aged 10 to 14 and identifies each student’s three strongest emerging God-given talents. The assessment includes explanations of these three talents, strategies to encourage growth, and action items to help students and their parents leverage strengths in the classroom and in life. Additionally, Saints John & Paul Parish provides suggested Spiritual Growth Plans for each talent theme.
Click here to purchase an access code for the assessment (this $9.99 portion of your Confirmation Prep fee is to be paid directly to Gallup for access to this assessment). After completing the assessment, submit your top three results here. 
This information is also included on the success page and in your registration confirmation email after you successfuly submit this registration.  

Confirmation Payment

Confirmation Prep Fee is $40
$30 payable now to Saints John and Paul Parish and $10 payable to the StrengthsExplorer assessment *
If you are in need of financial assistance, please contact Jason Gawaldo at 724-935-2104 x228 or