Parents and Students,
Are you ready to take the next step in your faith journey? 
Below find an application form to fill out if you are interested in joining us on the International Mission trip to Costa Rica.  This online form should be completed together.  Check out some of our past videos and missionary reflections on our website.  Last day to apply is September 22.
Please note that $250 deposit is due with your application, made payable to Sts. John and Paul Church. Applications will be considered incomplete without deposit. Deposits are non-refundable and will only be returned if you are not selected to travel with us. Deposits will not be cashed until selection. Travel dates are  June 28 - July3, 2019.  Please note all trip information is subject to adjustment without notice if staff deems necessary.

Chaperones - Up to 6 adult chaperones will accompany up to 24 students entering 9th grade through college age. Anyone who will be over 18 years of age at the time of the trip will be required to complete their clearances as a priority.

Passports and possibly immunizations are required for the trip. Please begin these processes immediately after selection. Immunizations suggested: Hep A; Thyphoid and all regular vaccines.  Please consult your doctor.

This Mission Trip requires a committment to meeting attendance for your safety and those around you.  All potential travelers will interview with staff prior to selection. 
After selection, there will be required meeting dates (see below).  Only those who are highly committed and available will be selected for this trip.  Please do not apply if your activities or work will conflict with scheduled dates.  Parent attendance is also required on many dates.  
Missing more than 2 events listed below (students and/or parents) will result in removal from the trip without refund of deposit or any monies raised.  Please check the below dates carefully to ensure you can make this commitment.  This is a committment for the parents as well. 
What's involved before the trip? 
Initial meetings to handle paperwork and FEST fundraiser preparation, team building, trip preparation meetings. Attendance at all meetings is required and is expected to be your top priority.
Costs - Costs for the entire trip will be determined based upon airfare when dates are finalized, but are estimated at $2340 per person inclusive of all lodging, transportation, meals and excursions.  Students will be responsible for $250 deposit as well as additional funding that is not raised through fundraising opportunities.  It is our hope that the only out of pocket student costs will be $250 plus immunizations, although that will depend upon the generosity of donors as well as your own fundraising efforts. For last year's trip, all trips (exclusive of deposit) were paid fully through fundraising efforts. Please note deposits will not be returned even if fundraising goals are achieved/exceeded. If for any reason you do not travel with the group (you are removed, choose not to go, etc.), monies raised by you, including your deposit, will not be returned.
Staff chaperone expenses will be paid first from fundraising proceeds.
Fundraising - All missionaries and their families are expected to help with the many aspects of fundraising and community building. Please note that even if you plan to pay in full for your trip, you will still be expected to help with and participate in our main fundraiser. Parents will be asked to lead the parish fundraiser, FEST. Families will be expected to sell tickets to our fundraiser.  All parents will have a leadership role in FEST.  Parents should be willing to take on any role related to fundraising. CLICK HERE for a complete list of Roles & Responsibilities.  Parents, if multiple students are selected, multiple parent roles must also be selected.  
What's Included - Missionaries will experience shoe distributions with local partners, local cultural visits and/or an excursion.  Anticipated excursion to a black sand beach and crocodile farm boat tour. Hotel will have a pool and hot water. We will experience local cuisine.  All food and water will be guaranteed safe. It is expected that students will sleep 2-4/per room.  

All applicants are required to participate in the Service Team as part of their commitment and preparation for the trip. The Service team can be registered separately under the Outreach Calendar and requires a once a month service commitment from October-May.  All students will also participate in the Shoe Drive, which is counted as part of the once/month Service Team experience.  
Strengths Assessment will be included in mission trip preparation.  

Questions about the trip should be directed to Jen Katzfey, Outreach Coordinator.
SELECTIONS- may be made on a rolling basis (ongoing), applicants should apply early.  Final selection date is October 19.
Important Dates/ Meetings (all meetings in Youth Room, lower CDC unless otherwise noted)
Sept. 17 - 6:30-8 pm - Informational Meeting (Parents and Missionary) 
Application Deadline - September 21
Interviews September 22- October 12
Will be scheduled with Jen and Gregg directly (Missionary only) - Jen's office, main church
Sign-up for an interview slot here.

Pancake Breakfast - Sunday, October 28 - 2 shifts 7:30-9:30 and 9-11:00 am (Missionary only, families optional)- Upper CDC

Selected Missionary/Parent Meeting - Monday, October 29 from 6:00-8:00 pm
(Missionary and BOTH Parent(s) required for paperwork signing, notarization)

Fun Slides- Team Building event - Sunday, November 4 from 12:45-3:15 pm
FEST fundraiser planning meeting 1- November 15 from 6:30-8 pm (Parent only, Missionary optional)
FEST fundraiser planning meeting 2- Jan. 9 from 6:30-8 pm (Parent only, Missionary optional)
Set-up- Friday, March 1 (daytime and evening times available)
Set-up- Saturday, March 2 (morning/afternoon) (Choose at least one set-up time- Missionaries and Parent(s))
Saturday, March 2- evening
(This will be the only Parish supported fundraiser) (Missionaries and Parents Required)
Shoe drive planning meeting - Dates TBD.  (Highly encouraged that all missionaries participate in organization of shoe drives, as well as working the truck).  Anticipated to occur in April, 2019.
Small Groups-
We will build strong foundations and friendships within small groups, which will meet monthly from March- trip and beyond.  These groups will be scheduled with chaperones directly, and typically include meeting for coffee or ice cream, but have included making homemade pasta together and playing disc golf.  These are fun experiences planned by the groups themselves.
Pre-Trip Meetings - Poverty Alleviation and Trip Preparation Program (Missionaries Only, except as specified)
Monday, April 1 from 6:00-8:00 pm
Monday, May 6 from 6:00-8:00 pm
Monday, June 3 from 6:00-8:30 pm *Note a parent is required to attend from 8:00-8:30 pm
June 28-July 3, 2019 - Costa Rica (6 days)
Post-Trip Debriefing sessions (15 minutes) will be scheduled with each missionary including chaperones (Dates will be scheduled with chaperones)
Post-Trip missionary get togethers -will also be held (trust us, you'll want to)! 
July 9- 5-8 pm Pavillion
Please print this list to keep handy.
Are you a parishioner at Sts. John and Paul? *
Below is a list of Committee Chair positions for our Fundraiser. Please note that the Fundraiser is the sole responsibility of parents (not parish staff). All parents will need to take at least one chair role and support as needed. FEST is a complete team effort and we are seeking to spread the work equitably. Parents, please select at least 3 committees/chair positions that suit best suit your talents. We are also seeking Trip Chaperones. Please submit a separate registration form to be considered as a chaperone. Please select at least 3 different positions. *
I would like to help with food for our meetings. (All families will be asked to contribute food). *
I recognize the commitment I am making towards this trip. I will not change my mind or cancel due to sports, scouts, work, or other events I deem important. I will not miss trip meetings or fundraising. I will submit my non-refundable deposit within 5 days of submitting this application, or I may be removed from consideration. I understand that I must select an interview time with parish staff. Candidates will be selected based upon their desire and ability to follow thru on the above expectations. Selections will be made on a ROLLING BASIS, meaning that candidates who apply early may be selected earlier. Last year's mission trip was full. *
Communication - To effectively communicate with you (parents) and missionaries, we will at times use email, text, or social media apps (in country) for communication. I give my permission for myself and my child to be contacted by parish staff, chaperones, FEST and Shoe Drive/Fundraising leaders via the above communication methods. *
Off- Site Experiences - As part of our trip preparation, we will meet as small groups and engage in team building exercises. I (Parent) give permission for my missionary to participate in activities on parish property as well as off- site experiences. *