Register of Professional Archaeologists

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Thank you for your interest in applying for Registration. This form is used to submit your qualification details to The Register for review.
The Student/Early Career category is for those currently enrolled or graduated with a B.A. or equivalent in the past 2 years with a declared Major in Anthropology, Classics, or another germane discipline with a specialization in archaeology from an accredited institution. You will be required to provide an unofficial transcript as proof of enrollment dates and the recommendation of an active Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA) in good standing. 
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First and last name entered below will be used in your certificate should you be approved. Degree will be indicated in the suffix.
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Mailing Address

If approved, your registration materials will be mailed to the address below.  RPA Headquarters is not responsible to returned materials due to change of address and applicant will be responsible for submitting a replacement request form (additional cost). 


If your mailing address changes after submitting your application, contact

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Degree Program

Note that all student applicants must provide an unofficial transcript. A thesis/CV is not required but is preferred.
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Registrant Recommendation

Student Registrants must be recommended by an Active RPA or RA in good standing
As a Student Registration applicant, do you have a recommendation from an active Registrant (RPA or RA) in good standing? *
WARNING: Student Applications will not be processed without the recommendation of an Active RPA or RA in good standing.
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Register Certified Field School

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Any violation of Register Codes and Standards will result in an investigation by the Grievance Coordinator and possible dismissal from the Register.