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Please complete the form below, then attach the documents required at the end of the form. Once you submit this application, the CPE Review Committee will assess your program and notify you of their decision. Before applying, please review the qualification and instructions for the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program on our CPE Certification Program page.

If you have not received acknowledgement of approval, please contact the Continuing Professional Education Committee Chair at

Program Certification Criteria

Provide clear and concise evidence that the program merits RPA certification. Include up to two (2) additional application pages, which should address each of the six criteria below in a sequential format, and up to ten (10) pages of program materials.

Register-certified CPE programs must meet the following six criteria:

  1. Educational Focus: All CPE programs must focus on learning. CPE programs may include workshops, trainings, classes and other suitable formats. The length, depth, venue, and manner of instruction must be appropriate for the subject matter and stated learning objectives.
  2. Expert Instructors: All instructors must be subject matter experts. An expert is defined by the organization as a professional who has mastery of the method and theory of the subject matter as demonstrated in practice, teaching, research, or publication. Instructors also must demonstrate proficiency in the specific principles of the activity being taught.  In team-taught programs, instructors must be subject-matter experts in the field(s) for which they are responsible.
  3. Lack of Commercialism: CPE instructional materials must be for educational purposes. Program materials promoting goods or services are unacceptable.
  4. Non Discrimination: CPE programs must be open to all RPAs eligible to participate. Certain CPE programs may require prospective participants to demonstrate knowledge or proficiencies prior to enrollment.
  5. CPE Credit: CPE programs may range from short courses completed in hours, to intensive field, class, or laboratory training that take days or weeks to finish. The Register of Professional Archaeologists recognizes the value of documenting both successful CPE completion and the program scope and intensity. One hour of CPE credit will be given for each hour of program training, up to a maximum of eight hours per day and 40 hours per week. Successful completion of the program will be recognized with a certificate of completion.
  6. Evaluation: All CPE programs must submit to the organization copies of original attendance logs and participant evaluations of CPE content and delivery. The submission to the Register of Professional Archaeologists must specify the RPA or RPAs who successfully completed the program and must be received by the Register of Professional Archaeologists within 20 days of CPE program completion. The organization may, upon review of the submission and other materials, ask for modifications to the program or withdraw Register certification for the CPE program.

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*** PLEASE NOTE:  You MUST submit an EXACT DATE AND TIME for your CPE course. If you do not include these details, your application will not be reviewed until this information is received.

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