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Applications for Field School Certification must include at least one RPA Certified Archaeologist listed as a Principal Investigator for the project. Field school certification applications will be considered for archaeologists currently applying to the RPA for individual certification.

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As Register certified field school director(s), you agree to speak to or provide documentation copy for your staff and participants about the code of conduct and grievance procedures provided by the Register of Professional Archaeologists? For reference, please see the RPA website for About the Grievance Process and Code & Standards

For reference:
RPAs Code of Conduct
About RPA Grievance Policy *

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Payment of this application's associated non-refundable application processing fee is required before application enters the review process. You will be invoiced upon submission of this form and you may make your payment securely online by credit card or via check.

Checking the box next to "I Agree" below and entering today's date constitutes your electronic signature and agreement to the below statement: "I certify that the field school described in this application will conform to the current Guidelines and Standards for Academic Archaeological Field Schools of the Register of Professional Archaeologists, and will permit peer review visits and interviews related to this field school."

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