AVAS Karl Storz Research Grant Application

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The Association of VA Surgeons Foundation is pleased to offer a research grant of $25,000 for one year with consideration for renewal for a second year. To be eligible for consideration, you must:

1. Be a VA Surgeon within 7 years of completion of your post-graduate training.
2. Be a VA faculty with a minimum of 5/8 appointment.
3. Be a member of the AVAS.


Proposals must be submitted as a single file, adhere to the page limits and follow the structure as outlined on the grant file. See link to full grant details below.
Note: The grant only allows for direct costs and a letter from your institution must be provided agreeing to this.
Click this link to view full grant details
If you have any questions or concers about eligibility and criteria, please contact Dr. Jason Gold at jgold@bwh.harvard.edu.
For questions about submission, please contact our Administrator at 206-794-9124 or send an email to vasurgeons@gmail.com.

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Grant Agreement

You agree to conduct the proposed research in compliance with the requirements of the local research committee, the requirements of the animal welfare act, IRB, and/or Good Clinical Practice guidelines if selected. *