SlowExposures 2024 PopUp Tour

SlowExposures 2024 PopUp Tour

     We’re now accepting applications for the ninth annual SlowE PopUp Tour!  Held in conjunction with our annual show, five sites around the Courthouse Square in Zebulon will feature individual or group shows—all shown in nontraditional spaces. The application fee is $30.00. 

     As in the "Big Show" we'd like to see your work on the rural American that references the southern experience, culture, spaces and places, or its magnificent landscapes. Deadline is June 23rd at midnight! And, we'll announce Jerry's selections as soon as possible!

     The PopUp Tour will be the signature event on Saturday when visitors will stroll around the Courthouse Square and visit each show. We've created a unique stamp for each show and visitors will earn complementary tickets for our PopUp Print Raffle that's held during the Saturday Dinner. We ask that each juried-in participant donate a matted print for this raffle.  If you are chosen, we'll cover all signage, advertising, printing, and rent on the spaces. SlowExposures will provide five spaces which will be chosen in consultation with Jerry.

      If you are selected, you must set up your show by noon Friday, September 20th and keep it open through 3:00 Sunday, September 22nd.  We have a fantastic crew of helpers for this event; however, lighting and free-standing display furniture is up to you. (We will send photos and room layouts to all juried-in participants when you receive your assigned space). We encourage you to be creative as far as marketing ideas and take-aways for your visitors.   Maps and signage will be provided by  SlowExposures.



If you decide to apply, we'll need the following as a part of your application:

Images that you upload that will describe your show and be used for publicity and in our Catalog.

If you have a website, please provide that in the "Short Answer" box so we can put it in the Catalog.

The entry fee is $30.00. 



Photo File Size and Format

It is REQUIRED that your photo files meet the following specifications and naming format. Photo files not meeting these requirements may be ineligible for consideration.

1. JPEG files
2. 1280 pixels on the longest side of the image
3. 2.0 MB or smaller files size for each image 

Photo Titles

Below, you will type in the title of each photo you or, the group, submit.  Titles are limited in length to 55 characters or less.

Photo File Names

It is important that all photo files submitted be named in a consistent format.  Improperly named files may be ineligible.  It is suggested that you rename your entry photo files before you complete the online entry form and save them in an easy-to-find folder. Please use the following naming convention, which includes your name and the photo title.

FirstName LastName_Photo Title

Example file names include:

John Doe_Georgia Snow
Jane Smith_Southern Woods

Note that there are spaces between your first and last names and the words in the photo title.  Make sure to put an underscore between your name and the title (no spaces).  In the section below, browse to your computer to identify your files’ locations and then click “upload” to attach each to this form.

 All entries must be received by midnight, Sunday, June 23rd at midnight EST.