SlowExposures AIR: 2020 Artist in Residence

SlowAIR 2020
    The two photographers who are chosen for our sixth Artist in Residence program will spend a week before August 1, 2020 at the Elliot Helms House in Pike County at a mutually agreed-on date. There are two suites with private baths with work areas and beautiful views. Lodging, some meals, and an opportunity to exhibit your work at SlowExposures 2020 will be provided. It's a chance to pursue projects and take risks--free from everyday demands.
     SlowAIR's purpose is to encourage the creative growth of photographers who are interested in exploring an aspect of the contemporary rural South through their work. Since its inception 18 years ago, SlowExposures has been invested in supporting the use of this medium to illuminate, challenge, and record the story of this region. The award of a residency will be made on the basis of the submitted work and a short description of your project by the application deadline (Midnight, March 15,2020). Notification of award will be made by March 22 with the residency to be completed by August 1, 2020.
     Responsibilities of Artists: We ask that each photographer donate a print of an image of their choice--these will be displayed and auctioned off at the SlowExposures Print Auction. The application fee for SlowAIR is $25.00. There is no fee for those photographers who entered SlowExposures last year. Residents are responsible for transportation and supplies as well as meals which are not scheduled with SlowExposures members.

    All entries are submitted using this online form.  Please complete the form and upload your image files  You may enter up to six images. 

Before completing this form, be sure that you:

1. Will be able to meet the requirements of Slow AIR.

2. Format your photo files to meet the size requirements specified below.

3. Re-name your photo files to conform to the naming requirements specified below.

Please enter the following information: 


Photo File Size and Format

It is REQUIRED that your photo files meet the following specifications and naming format. Photo files not meeting these requirements may be ineligible for consideration.

1. JPEG files
2. no more than 1280 pixels on the longest side of the image
3. 2.0 MB or smaller files size for each image 

Photo Titles

Below, you will type in the title of each photo you submit.  Please make all efforts to give each image a unique name instead of generic titles such "Image 1"; "Untitled 1"; etc. It helps us immensely when we are creating the jurors list! Titles are limited in length to 55 characters or less.

Photo File Names

It is important that all photo files submitted for the residency application be named in a consistent format.  Improperly named files may be ineligible.  It is suggested that you rename your entry photo files before you complete the online entry form and save them in an easy-to-find folder. Please use the following naming convention, which includes your name and the photo title.

YourFirstName YourLastName_Photo Title

Example file names include:

John Doe_Georgia Snow
Jane Smith_Southern Woods

Note that there are spaces between your first and last names and the words in the photo title.  Make sure to put an underscore between your name and the title (no spaces).  In the section below, browse to your computer to identify your files’ locations and then click “upload” to attach each to this form.

All applications must be received by 12 midnight, March 15, 2020.