SlowExposures Young Photographers Call For Entries 2019

How to Enter

Use this online form to enter the Young Photographers Show for 2019! Our theme this year is "The Rural South". Please complete this form, upload your image files, and your work will be considered for the show. The deadline for entering is Sunday, June 2, 2019.

Our 2019 Judges are Dr. Dan Dunnahoo and Fawne DeRosia. Once they make their choices, everyone will be notified. There is no fee to enter up to 2 images. The show is September 19-22nd and the Jurors will pick first, second, and third place winners in three categories: Elementary, Middle School, and High School. A Best in Show Prize will also be awarded.

Before completing this form, be sure that you:

1. Read and agree to all entry terms and requirements.

2. Make sure your photo files meet the size requirements described below.

3. Give your photo files titles that follow the directions specified below.

Eligible Photographs

Entered photographs must be original works, taken by you. You must live in Georgia. The subject of the images must be "The Rural South".

Please enter the following information: 

Photo File Size and Format

It is REQUIRED that your photo files meet the following specifications and naming format. Photo files not meeting these requirements may be ineligible for entry.

1. Save image as a .jpg using the highest quality that keeps file size under 2.0 MB
2. Image must be no longer than 1280 pixels long on the longest side.
3. Image resolution is 72 pixels per inch. 

Photo Titles

Below, type in the title of each photo you enter.  Please omit your name in the title in order to observe our blind entry process. Please make all efforts to give each image a unique name instead of generic titles such "Image 1"; "Untitled 1"; etc. It helps us when we are creating the list for our judge! Titles are limited in length to 55 characters or less.


Example file names include:

Georgia Snow
Southern Woods


All entries must be received by 12 midnight, Sunday, June 2, 2019.