Application for Charter NEVRP Members to List their Properties on the NorthEastStays Marketplace

The NorthEastStays Marketplace: A Northeast marketplace for showcasing the vacation rental properties managed by the professional managers of the Northeast Vacation Rental Professionals.

NorthEastStays Marketplace Benefits for Charter Members:

  • Be able to partner in this exciting venture with other NEVRP members, lifting both the NEVRP brand and your respective brand during a time when a centralized marketplace is erasing our individual brands and return control to our own companies.
  • Be one of the first NEVRP professional managers to list on the NorthEastStays website
  • Receive Charter Pricing—two-year price guarantee and reduced pricing for the life of your NEVRP membership
  • In addition, be able to list on the separate FetchMyVR marketplace
  • Be able to use, at no additional cost, the FetchMyGuest marketing automation platform (Lead Management)

Marketplace Details for Charter Members:

  • Must be an approved member of the NEVRP or submit an application(and pay) to become a member by April 30, 2019.
  • Must commit to listing all your short-term properties for a minimum of two years.
  • Must sign affidavit, releasing the NEVRP Executive Board, Membership and Assigns from all liability and any expectation of performance.
  • Northeast Stays Marketplace will be operated by the NEVRP Marketplace Committee and its subcontractor, FetchMyGuest. It will operate solely from funds raised by NEVRP members who list their properties. It receives no funding from NEVRP general funds.
  • Pay First Year’s Listing Fees with application and then pay second and following year Listing Fees when due.
  • Listing Fees for Charter Members will remain at reduced pricing for life of membership. Members who join & list after April 30th, 2019 will pay $65 per prop., per year

Charter Member Pricing:

  • First Year: $60 per property, per year (Includes Start-up Capital & Listing Fees, joining prior to 4/30/18. After that date the cost is $65 per prop/per year)
  • Second Year: $55 per property, per year—good through December, 31, 2019.
Dues and Payments: Payable by check or credit card. Inventories are audited monthly and billed accordingly. 
Price per Property, per year. *
Total Due:

Your Charter Commitment:

  • I am a current member (or have applied for membership) of the NEVRP.
  • I understand that by investing in the development of the NorthEastStays Marketplace and listing my properties on the site, that:

◦ I will participate for two full years;

◦ I will receive no refunds;

◦ I understand that there are no guarantees whatsoever of performance;

◦ I understand that the Listing Members solely fund the Marketplace.

◦ I will indemnify and hold harmless NEVRP (Northeast Vacation Rental Professionals) and its Executive Board, and the NEVRP members for this project.

Signature *