Great Bend Housing Authority Rental Application for the High Rise Apartments

High Rise Application Requirements
What is the High Rise?
The Great Bend Housing Authority owns the High Rise, located at 1101 Kansas Avenue, Great Bend. The High Rise is a federally funded housing program for people 55 years of age and older. However, we can admit 20% of our tenants to those under the age of 55.
How do I apply to live in the High Rise?
You must complete and submit this application, along with the following documentation for every member of your household:
-- Original social security cards
-- Original government issued driver's license or photo identification
-- Income verification
-- Pay stubs - last 6 consecutive pay stubs for all adults (18 years of age or older) in your household
-- Financial institution and/or bank statements
-- Child support, alimony, legal separation, and divorce papers
What are the requirements for elibigility? 
You must meet the income guidelines established by the Department of Housing & Urban Development, be 55 years of age or older (20% of our tenants can be under age 55), have good rental history, a clear criminal background, etc.
What if I cannot provide a good rental history? 
If the applicant is unable to provide 3 years of acceptable rental history from persons not related to the applicant(s), three character reference letters will be required by a person not related to the applicant(s) such as a former teacher, employer, minister, etc.
How long will it be before I am housed? 
There is a chance there is a waiting list for assistance. Ask our friendly staff what the current wait time is before or after applying.
How much will my rent be? 
Your rent will be determined by your income. You will pay 30% of your monthly adjusted gross income, minus any allowable deductions; or a minimum rent of $50 per month, whichever is greater.
Will I be required to pay a security deposit? 
Yes, the security deposit you will be required to pay may not exceed the legal limits set by the Kansas Landlord Tenant Act. The GBHA security deposit is currently $500.
Can I have a pet? 
If tenants wish to have a pet, they must get written approval from GBHA and pay the pet deposit of $250 in full before the pet is allowed in the building. Only one dog, cat, or bird is allowed and cannot weigh more than 25 pounds. Proof must be provided that the pet has had its shots and that it has been spayed or neutered.
Can I have a service animal? 
Tenants that require a service animal must return our form signed by a doctor specifying that the tenant needs an animal for their medical condition and how that animal will alleviate their symptoms. Proof must be provided that the pet has had its shots and the $250 pet deposit will not be required. Service animals must still adhere to the city code regulations, the City of Great Bend has a "pooper scooper" rule that must be followed.
Is there a limit for overnight guests? 
Yes, GBHA residents can only have overnight guests 14 nights per year, and they must notify the office prior to the visit or the following day by 10 a.m. so that the nights can be documented in their file. Tenants that allow guests to stay in excess of 14 nights per year will be evicted.
Cash is not accepted. 
Please understand that all payments must be made in the form of personal check, cashier's check, or money order. This is for your protection, as well as ours.
What should I do if anything changes while I am on the waiting list? 
Be sure to notify this office in writing immediately, especially if your address changes.
How can I contacted the Department of Housing & Urban Development directly? 
You may contact the Department of Housing & Urban Development at or by calling 913-551-6916.
Equal Housing Opportunity. It is our policy to provide individuals with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in, and enjoy the benefits of our services, programs, and activities. In order for us to provide a reasonable accommodation, we ask that you request what assistance is desired by contacting the Great Bend Housing Authority, 1101 Kansas Avenue, Great Bend, KS 67530, or call 620793-7761 (or 800-766-3777 TTD Kansas Relay Center).
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