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Section 1 - Transportation Requests
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On Train Tickets, Dinner Cruises, Dinner Shows, ferry tickets, tickets to Various Venues,  - Well Arranged Travel charges 20% booking fees on all tickets and reservations.

Late Booking Fee - A fee of 10% is charged for reservations made 7 days before the service date.  A higher fee is charged to more extensive booking as agreed.

NOTE ABOUT TRANSFERS/TRANSPORTATION SERVICES:   European Standards set by local operators for luggage allowance are: (1) big suitcase + (1) carry-on bag per person.  Our vans will hold the standard luggage allowance.  If your party has more luggage than the standard allowance, please advise us ahead of time; as an additional vehicle + charge may be required.  Or, you may choose to hire a taxi to handle the luggage overflow. 

Our drivers can wait 1 ½ hour from your flight arrival time.  If you are delayed at customs and manage to call the driver or the local emergency number, our drivers may be able to wait longer but this cannot be guaranteed.  Regardless, full payment of the transfer booking will be charged for the driver’s service. 

You may encounter flight delays, delays while in Customs, or delayed train arrival. What do you do in the unlikely event you missed the transfer you booked?   Exit the airport or train station terminal and look for the taxi stand right outside the terminal. If you miss the scheduled transfer, proceed to the taxi stand and queue up. Remember to ALWAYS go to the taxi stand to find a taxi.

We highly recommend purchasing Travel Insurance.  Protect your investment from unforeseen or unscheduled trip cancellations and also have the necessary medical coverage while abroad.  (Travel Insurance should be purchased immediately after you make a deposit or payment on any tours/payment including airline tickets. See the Travel Insurance section of our website:  We listed a few of the biggest insurance companies and their telephone numbers.)  

I am the appointed person in charge of myself and my traveling companions with regards to acceptance of this contract.  I have the authority to make decisions on my traveling companions’ behalf.  I and my traveling companions accept and approve the proposed services and tours posted on Well Arranged Travel’s website or as customized for us.

I understand that all payment required for all the services I book is my responsibility. I authorize Well Arranged Travel, Inc. to charge my credit card for all the required deposit(s) and payments for the bookings made on my behalf.  I understand that non-refundable deposit payments generally range from 30% to 50% of the total cost of the booking.

I understand that deposits and required payments made at the time of booking and any subsequent payments made are non-refundable. I understand that changes to services I already booked may cause me to forfeit deposits already paid.  I understand that all deposits are non-transferable and that they cannot be applied to any new bookings.

Furthermore, I understand that cancellations I make 30 days or less from the service dates will still require the full payment of all balance due.  I understand that my credit card will be charged for the remaining balance(s) due on the service I booked. 

I also understand that changes to the booking during this period (30 day or less from service dates) can result in the cancellation of the original booking and rebooking the new service requested. This means the all payments made on the original booking are forfeited. I understand that all deposits and additional payments made are non-refundable under any conditions.

Final payments to pay for the remaining balance(s) are charged 15 days before the service date or the first service dates when there are multiple booking. 

Bookings made within 30 days from the service dates will be charged in full.

I understand the limitations, restrictions imposed by local service providers on airport and train station transfer bookings and that the transportation services for transfers cannot be completely guaranteed due to unexpected flight delays or delays at airport or train stations, or late arrival or departure for any reason.  I understand that if delayed, it is possible that the service(s) I booked cannot be rescheduled and that I am responsible for the additional transportation costs of getting to my/our destination.

I understand that Well Arranged Travel, Inc. acts only as agents for the travelers with respect to transportation and hotels, and will exercise every care possible.  I understand that Well Arranged Travel can assume no liability for injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity in connection with the services of hotels, restaurants, ship, airplane, train, automobile, motor coach or bus, carriage, or any other conveyance used in carrying out the tours.   I also understand that Well Arranged Travel cannot accept any responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delay or changes in air or other services, sickness, weather, strike, war, loss of personal property, armed conflict, refusal of visas, quarantine, acts of God or other causes beyond their control and  all such losses or expenses will have to be borne by the passenger, as tour rates provide for arrangements only for the time stated. Furthermore, I understand that Well Arranged Travel reserve the right to make alterations to the itinerary as may be deemed necessary for carrying out the tour. I understand the right is reserved to substitute hotels in similar categories.  I understand that Acceptance of the services of Well Arranged Travel, Inc. by all agents and travelers constitutes acceptance by them of all the noted terms and conditions.  

I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions and that the contract is in effect and will remain in effect, even if the rest of my traveling companions later cancel their vacation plans.  

POLICIES – Please read carefully and contact our office if you have any questions. 

Assumed Risk
Travel has its own inherent risks, up to and including death, and the traveler acknowledges such risks exist. Well Arranged Travel will take reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of our traveler. Well Arranged Travel, Inc. is not liable, and the traveler agrees to hold harmless Well Arranged Travel, its employees and agents for illness, injury, accident, or death during the tours or vacations. Well Arranged Travel is not responsible for expenses or harm caused or losses incurred by travelers who (a) disregard the instructions of Well Arranged Travel representative(s), (b) depart from the planned activities of the tour, or (c) follow the instructions of a person other than a Well Arranged Travel representative(s).

Well Arranged Travel, Inc. will not be responsible for any injury, damage, death, loss, accident or delay due to any act or default of any air, land or water carrier, hotel, restaurant, company or person rendering any of the services, activities or programs included in the tour. 

Cancellations Before The Scheduled Date of First Service
Policies for deposits and payments are observed. All payments already made to Well Arranged Travel are not refundable. Well Arranged Travel requires that you formally inform us of your cancellation via email.  Cancellations made 30 days or less from the first service date may not be re-instated once cancelled, even if no money is refunded.  Re-booking the exact services are not guaranteed as the same service provider may no longer be available.  New arrangements may incur additional charges.  

Itinerary Changes  
Changes to itinerary is sometimes necessary due to unforeseen incidence, closures and schedule changes by museums and other sites included in the itinerary, road conditions, or other causes beyond our control. We reserve the right to change the itinerary as needed. We also reserve the right to change the order of activities listed in the itinerary.  In the event of closures or schedule changes other options may be offered.  

Involuntary/Voluntary Departure from a Vacation/Tour in Progress
Well Arranged Travel highly recommends the purchase of travel insurance.  In the event that a traveler's voluntary departure is due to any personal reason or due to illness, or is a consequence of any government action (including arrest), Well Arranged Travel will not refund any monies. Transportation costs to get back to your hotel or home, airline surcharges or penalties, and any other expenses will be the responsibility of the traveler. 

Use of Third Party Operators

Some Well Arranged Travel tours and services are scheduled with other travel companies or tour operators who sell their tours to the general public.  In some cases, the traveler acknowledges that other groups and/or individuals may be a part of the same tour. This situation is most common when the tour is on a train, barge, sailing vessel or cruise ship.


Promotional Materials

By participating in a tour, the traveler consents to use of his/her image(s) in Well Arranged Travel promotional materials, photographs and/or video. All such materials and images are the property of Well Arranged Travel and may be used in its sole discretion for promotional material. Any traveler who does not wish to have his/her photograph or video image used in promotional material must advise Well Arranged Travel in writing prior to the departure date.


Dispute Resolution

If any disagreement arises concerning payment or refund obligations, these policies, or the liability or responsibility of the traveler or Well Arranged Travel, Inc., the parties agree to negotiate in good faith to resolve the disagreement. In the event litigation arises, the traveler agrees that the sole and exclusive venue (location) for any such lawsuit is in a court of competent jurisdiction in Travis County, Texas, unless applicable law makes venue mandatory in another location.


Binding Agreement

These policies have the force and effect of a binding contract between the traveler and Well Arranged Travel, Inc., and by proceeding with a reservation and paying a deposit, the traveler signifies his/her agreement to be bound by these policies.