Please note that some of our tours involve a great deal of walking with city walking tours and museum tours lasting up to 3 hours. (Wear comfortable walking shoes).  In some parts of Italy and France, many of the cities, towns or hill towns have cobbled streets and some are very steep. To insure your touring experience is enjoyable, it is important for us to know your physical condition and mobility issues.  Since this is a private tour, you can request to slow down the pace of the tour or shorten the tour as needed.


Custom Vacation Design & Consultation Fee.  Hotel reservation service is included in the Custom Vacation Design. 
A custom designed itinerary is what you are requesting from Well Arranged Travel.  The final itinerary you approve will contain guided tour suggestions, activities and special arrangements you requested, as well hotel and restaurant recommendations and bookings.  Fee schedule is below.  Your credit card will be charged the fee assessed according to your requests. A separate contract is needed for the purchase of all or any of the guided tours, transportation services, etc. outlined in the itinerary. 



NOTE: The figures below are guidelines only.  Each request is assessed individually and priced accordingly.

1 - 7 days = $1350 for 1 to 4 people; 5 to 8 people = $1650

8 - 11 days = $1750 for 1 to 4 people; 5 to 8 people = $1950

12 – 14 days = $2000 for 1 to 4 people; 5 to 8 people = $2500      

15 – 21 days = $2600 for 1 to 4 people; 5 to 8 people = $2850    

From 22 days and above  = Inquire.


Information About Possible Tour Package Cost:
Accommodations, sightseeing and tour choices (how full you make your vacation package) greatly affect pricing.  Generally for standard upscale travel expect to pay approximately 550Euros to 650Euro per person per day for 2 people for an 10-day package; for 4 people 500Euro - 550Euro per person per day, using 4 Star Hotels. Itinerary designed with guided private tours and some leisure times within.  THESE PRICES ARE ONLY ESTIMATES AS THERE ARE MANY VARIABLES AFFECTING PRICES.



Initial consultation is free. The design fee is non-refundable. If you choose not to purchase the proposed vacation package, the design fee will not be refunded and Well Arranged Travel will deliver the finished itinerary and make appropriate hotel reservations as needed.

Well Arranged Travel will design the itinerary for your custom vacation package according to your specifications, with your desired destinations and requested services: accommodations, guided tours, transportation, etc. 

The fee is assessed based on the complexity of the custom vacation request and the time needed to complete the work. If the initial itinerary request evolved into a more complex design or additional work is requested that requires more time, Well Arranged Travel will inform you of the possible additional charges.

Each airline tickets when booked by Well Arranged Travel requires a $50 booking fee. This fee is charged by a travel agent who helps us with the booking.


I understand that the design fee covers the costs of consultations, designing a complete itinerary, and/or providing expert guidance to perfecting my itinerary ideas.  I understand that at this point I am only purchasing a customized itinerary and I am under no obligation to purchase any of the proposed guided tours and transportation services or participate in any of the activities proposed in the itinerary.   

I authorize Well Arranged Travel to charge my credit card to pay the required fee for  consultation and itinerary design  I understand that this fee is non-refundable. 

Furthermore, I understand that I will be charged a booking fee for each airline tickets we request from Well Arranged Travel.   



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