Contract / Terms & Conditions
Only the person responsible for deposits and payments have to fill out this contract. The person filling out this contract assumes responsibility that all information submitted to us on behalf of the travelers in his/her party  are accurate.

Please note that some of our tours involve a great deal of walking with city walking tours and museum tours lasting up to 3 hours. In some parts of Italy and France, many of the cities, towns or hill towns have cobbled streets and some are very steep. To insure your touring experience is enjoyable, it is important for us to know your physical condition and mobility issues, ability to keep up with the group.  Since this is a private tour for your group, your group can request to slow down the pace of the tour or shorten the tour as needed.


We highly recommend you purchase travel insurance.  Insurance must be purchased immediately after you make a deposit on any tours or immediately after the purchase of airline tickets or you risk your pre-existing condition being excluded from the policy. Consult the travel insurance company before purchasing. 

Ask us for a quote or see the Travel Insurance section of our website. We listed a few of the biggest insurance companies and their telephone numbers for you to call.





NOTE ABOUT TRANSFERS/TRANSPORTATION:   European Standards set by local operators for luggage allowance are: (1) big suitcase + (1) carry-on bag per person.  Our vans will hold the standard luggage allowance.  If your party has more luggage than the standard allowance, please advise us ahead of time; as an additional vehicle + charge may be required.  Or, you may choose to hire a taxi to handle the luggage overflow.

Our drivers cannot wait for you more than 1 ½ hour from your flight arrival time.  Unfortunately, they usually have other bookings they must attend to.  If you encounter delays and manage to call the driver or the LOCAL emergency number, our drivers may be able to wait longer but this cannot be guaranteed. 

You may encounter flight delays, delays while in Customs, or delayed train arrival. What do you do in the unlikely event you missed the transfer you booked?   Exit the airport or train station terminal and look for the taxi stand right outside the terminal. If you miss the scheduled transfer, proceed to the taxi stand and queue up. Remember to ALWAYS go to the taxi stand to find a taxi.

We highly recommend purchasing Travel Insurance.  Protect your investment from unforeseen or unscheduled trip cancellations and also have the necessary medical coverage while abroad.  (Travel Insurance should be purchased immediately after you make a deposit or payment on any tours/payment including airline tickets. See the Travel Insurance section of our website:  We listed a few of the biggest insurance companies and their telephone numbers.) 

NOTE:  Payment in full is required for all packages purchased less than 60 days before the first service date. 


I am the appointed person in charge of myself and my traveling companions with regards to entering this contract with Well Arranged Travel.  I am responsible for making sure all the information I have entered in this contract are accurate.  I and my traveling companion(s) accept and approve the proposed custom vacation itinerary and tour package I received via email and invoice(s) from Well Arranged Travel.  I and my traveling companion(s) understand that by submitting this form, we are purchasing the vacation package as outlined in the itinerary, tour package description or invoices. 

Some of the day tours in the vacation package may involve a great deal of walking with some city walking tours lasting approximately 3 hours.  (In some parts of Italy and France, many of the cities, towns have cobbled streets and some are very steep.)

I/We understand and agree that the tour being purchased is suitable and/ or acceptable to all of us.  I/We understand that all deposits and payments made to Well Arranged Travel are non-refundable under any conditions.

Vacation Package Purchase & Itinerary:  I/We understand that by submitting this contract, I/we are agreeing to the purchase of the vacation package that may include accommodations, tours, airport and city to city transfers, driver and guide services as stated in the propsed itinerary sent to me via email.

Payments, Cancellations and Refunds: I/We understand that by submitting this contract, I/we are formally purchasing this vacation package. I/We understand that the initial deposit payment of 35% to 50% of the total cost of the tour package is required to purchase the custom vacation package formally and that this non-refundable deposit will be charged against my credit card immediately.  I/We also understand that for groups larger than 8, a bigger deposit or additional deposits may be required. 

I/We understand that there may be times when additional payment may be necessary to secure services that require pre-payments.   (This may occur due to extremely busy season or special events occuring at your destination or to purchase airline and train tickets, tickets to venues, etc.)

I/We understand that 60 days before the first service date of the custom vacation package, my credit card will be charged by Well Arranged Travel to pay for the remaining total balance owed.  I/We understand that at this time, no refunds will be given to me and my traveling companions for any unused portion of the package under any condition.  I/We understand that all deposits and/or all payments made are non-refundable under any conditions.

I/We understand that all cancellations are subject to forfeiture of all payments already made and that cancellations must be made in writing to Well Arranged Travel via e-mail at I/We understand that changes to the itinerary after the initial payment will incur additional administrative costs and possibly new deposits to the new services being booked.

I/We understand the limitations, restrictions imposed by local service providers on airport and train station private transfers on incidents like flight or train delays as described at the top of this page. I/We understand that if delayed, it is possible that the private transfer and other service(s) booked on our behalf may not be rescheduled and that we are responsible for any additional costs we incurred.

I/We understand that passport expenses, baggage fees, personal expenses such as laundry, room service, telephone and fax calls, meals or beverages and any item not specifically mentioned as included in the vacation package are my/our responsibility.

I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions and that the contract is in effect and will remain in effect, even if the rest of my traveling companions decide cancel their vacation plans.

I  authorize Well Arranged Travel to charge my credit card as needed for the deposits and all payment requirements to purchase the package.

POLICIES – Please read carefully and contact our office if you have any questions.

Assumed Risk
Travel has its own inherent risks, up to and including death, and the traveler acknowledges such risks exist. Well Arranged Travel will take reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of our traveler. Well Arranged Travel, Inc. is not liable, and the traveler agrees to hold harmless Well Arranged Travel, its employees and agents for illness, injury, accident, or death during the tours or vacations. Well Arranged Travel is not responsible for expenses or harm caused or losses incurred by travelers who (a) disregard the instructions of Well Arranged Travel representative(s), (b) depart from the planned activities of the tour, or (c) follow the instructions of a person other than a Well Arranged Travel representative(s).

Well Arranged Travel, Inc. will not be responsible for any injury, damage, death, loss, accident or delay due to any act or default of any air, land or water carrier, hotel, restaurant, company or person rendering any of the services, activities or programs included in the tour.

Changes To Services Booked Included In Custom Vacation Package

Changes to booked services, which include changes to itinerary, date change, change in number of travelers, etc. may result in price increase.  A new contract may be issued to accommodate changes. Changes made 60 days or less before the service date(s), may result in new bookings and additional charges. All payments are non-refundable and  non-transferable.   There are many different service providers booked in a typical vacation package which means the vacation package contains various contracts with various service partners with different payment requirements.

Cancellations by Travelers
Travelers may cancel at any time.  Well Arranged Travel requires that you formally inform us of your cancellation via email.  Initial payment made to Well Arranged Travel in non-refundable.  This initial payment will cover our design fee and administrative costs.

Cancellations  Before The Scheduled Date of First Service
Policies for deposits and payments are observed. All payments already made to Well Arranged Travel are not refundable. Cancellations made 60 days or less from the first service date may not be re-instated once cancelled, even if no money is refunded.  Re-booking the exact services are not guaranteed as the same service provider may no longer be available. New arrangements may incur additonal charges. 

Itinerary Changes  
Changes may result from scheduling needs, unforeseen incidence, closures and schedule changes by museums and other tourist attractions, or other causes beyond our control.   Itineraries are subject to changes.  We also reserve the right to change the order of activities listed in the itinerary.  In the event changes are necessary, comparable lodging, meals and activities, programs will be provided.

Medication and Medical Insurance
Having adequate supplies of all medications is the responsibility of the individual traveler. Well Arranged Travel is not responsible for dispensing or procuring any medications. Well Arranged Travel does not provide individual medical insurance or accidental injury/death insurance coverage of any kind.  Well Arranged Travel suggests all travelers to review their medical insurance coverage prior to departure concerning  "Out of Country" travel or claims.

Involuntary/Voluntary Departure from a Vacation/Tour in Progress
Well Arranged Travel highly recommends the purchase of travel insurance.  In the event that a traveler's voluntary departure is due to any personal reason or due to illness, or is a consequence of any government action (including arrest), Well Arranged Travel will not refund any monies. Transportation costs to return home, airline surcharges or penalties, and any other expenses will be the responsibility of the traveler. 

Use of Third Party Operators
Some Well Arranged Travel tours and services are scheduled with other travel companies or tour operators who sell their tours to the general public.  In such cases, the traveler acknowledges that other groups and/or individuals may be a part of the same tour. This situation is most common when the tour is on a train, barge, sailing vessel or cruise ship.

Promotional Materials
By participating in a tour, the traveler consents to use of his/her image(s) in Well Arranged Travel promotional materials, photographs and/or video. All such materials and images are the property of Well Arranged Travel and may be used in its sole discretion for promotional material. Any traveler who does not wish to have his/her photograph or video image used in promotional material must advise Well Arranged Travel in writing prior to the departure date.

Dispute Resolution
If any disagreement arises concerning payment or refund obligations, these policies, or the liability or responsibility of the traveler or Well Arranged Travel, Inc., the parties agree to negotiate in good faith to resolve the disagreement. In the event litigation arises, the traveler agrees that the sole and exclusive venue (location) for any such lawsuit is in a court of competent jurisdiction in Travis County, Texas, unless applicable law makes venue mandatory in another location.

Binding Agreement
These policies have the force and effect of a binding contract between the traveler and Well Arranged Travel, Inc., and by proceeding with a reservation and paying a deposit, the traveler signifies his/her agreement to be bound by these policies.



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