Main Street Committee Application

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Community Service



Time Commitment: Committee members should expect to contribute an average of 3 hours per month with additional hours from time to time as needed for special events, projects, and activities. Are you available and willing to serve on this committee for a minimum of one year? *
Absence of conflict: Rules of law and ethics prohibit a committee member from participating in and voting on matters in which he or she may have a financial interest, such as incentive grant project applications. Do you acknowledge your responsibility to abstain from voting or advocacy for or against any decision where conflict of interest which may arise from your occupation, personal affiliation, or financial holdings in relation to your responsibilities as a member of the design committee? *
Have there ever been, or are there now, any personal or business circumstances which might reflect adversely on the propriety of your serving as a member of any board or committee to which you might be appointed? *
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