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IMPORTANT: This form is intended for our Citizens to report any complaints or concerns they have involving one or more of our Officers. To provide us with information regarding your complaint, please complete the form below.

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IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ: This is the complaint processing procedure. - An Officer Complaint is an allegation against that Officer or Officers that would constitute a violation of policy, procedure, or law if found to be true. When a complaint is received it will be provided to the Office of Professional Standards (OPS) the same day that it is received during normal operating hours. When the complaint is received by the OPS a letter will be sent to the complainant confirming receipt of the complaint and to inform the individual that the complaint has been assigned for investigation. An administrative investigation will be completed within 90 days of it's receipt by the investigating officer. If the investigating officer requires more than 90 days to complete an administrative investigation, he/she will notify their immediate supervisor. If an extension is granted by the supervisor, the investigating officer will notify the complainant at the 90 day deadline and at least once every 90 days beyond the original deadline that the investigation is still ongoing. Please check the box below to verify that you were provided with and understand this explanation of process. *
I the complainant, hereby certify that the information contained in this complaint is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that making a false report to a law enforcement agency is a violation of North Carolina law and may subject me to criminal prosecution and/or civil liability. My signature below acknowledges that I was provided with the option to receive a copy of this complaint report and that I have been informed of the complaint processing procedure. I also understand that by clicking accept below I am providing my digital signature of acceptance to these terms and conditions. *
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